Remington Tires

Remington tires had it’s debut to American roads in 1924, and it is a well-known brand across Canada and the United States. Remington tires provide a wide selection of tire lines and sizes to fulfill the needs of the American industry. Their products don’t cost very much and a lot of individuals recommend them. However, information about them is scarce. This may be due to the cheap prices of their products. Makers and suppliers prefer to have you spend more cash on one of their “bells and whistles” kinds of tires.

Here are some of the tires offered by Remington Tires

Remington Emerald

This tire includes a warranty up to 80,000 miles. Additionally, free quality and material substitution according to the circumstances beneath the warranty, so consult with your tire merchant. These Remington tires possess vent-less mold engineering for improved look and quality. The tread of the tire features a distinctive balding for wet and dry grip, and is available in “T” speed evaluations for blackwall sizes and “S” speed score for whitewalls.

Remington XT-120 HR400

This tire has a much better “HR” efficiency ride and could have a 45,000 mile restricted tread wear guarantee if you consult with your tire dealer. The Remington XT-120 HR400 has improved cavity structure, and offers a sleek and standard ride for the driver of the vehicle.

This tire also possesses a tread footprint customization for a more silent ride, and a tread feature modification, so it could provide you a better performance during winter. This tire has an “H” rated for excellent handling and basic safety on all sorts of weather; also, it even has sidewall therapy to improve the overall physical appearance of the tire. It’s available in 50, 55, 60, and 65 series in sizes ranging from 14 inch to 17 inch. It also has a tread wear score of 460.

Remington Wide Brute

This is a Remington tire for a a little more decent SUV or light truck. This tire offers an all-weather tread that’s created for both dry and wet handling on the road. In order to help with driving in wet weather conditions, driving on snow and even ice, this tire has high density siping. The Wide Brute has very broad, strong steel belts that help make cornering safer.

Remington Mud Brute

The name of this tire alone seems like the type of thing that will provide you with self confidence if you’ve been caught up in a dirt bog. And, that is exactly the goal of this tire.

This Remington tire has 2 full size steel belts to withstand impact and offer additional stability. Its radial body plies offer security in difficult circumstances when you are driving off road, and the Remington Mud Brute also offers nylon belt stabilizers to help you avoid belt squirm. Also, heavy lug cleats clean up mud and slush in the tread in the boggiest of circumstances.

Selected sizes of the Mud Brute have changing lug serrations which help give a much better side grip. However, the Mud Brute is not all aggression; it features a broad cross section for a lot more civil landscape that is present beyond the swamps. Obviously, the Mud Brute has lifted outline letters. In fact, if you have a tire known as the “Mud Brute” you should show it off.

Remington Wide Brute – New Generation

Just once you think it is safe to travel off the road, again. The New Generation Wide Brute has double steel belts, triplex sidewall, and treads blocks that provide exceptional cornering and directing abilities on or off the road. This Remington tire has large interlocking center rib components which will offer improved contact and grip regardless of whether you are on or off the road.

Remington XT-120 SR

Another Remington tire that could consist of extra warranty as well as free replacement units. Talk to you dealer for additional information. The Remington XT-120 SR features a 440 tread wear rating and it is also very affordable.