Remington Wide Brute Tires

1924 was the year when Remington tires were first introduced to the American tire industry. As of now, it is a well acknowledged tire brand in Canada and in the United States. Remington tires gives you a wide array of tire lines with sizes and specifications that meet the needs of the American car owner. They are a low price choice for people who have a tight budget and numerous individuals recommend them. More people want to know more information about about these tires but unfortunately, there isn’t a lot available. This might be because they are at the cheap end of the market, so producers and merchants would prefer you invest more income on one of their “bells and whistles” kinds of tires.

One amazing tire coming from the Remington tire line is the Remington Wide Brute tires. Discussed below is some information you will need to know about Remington Wide Brute tires.

Remington Wide Brute Tires

The Remington Wide Brute tires are the tires that are ideal for a a little more civilized SUV or light truck. The Remington Wide Brute tires have a tread that is great for all weather conditions and were created for dry and wet road handling. This Remington tire has substantial density siping to help with driving in wet weather, driving on snow, as well as ice. Remington Wide Brute tires have significantly wide, high power steel belts that provides stability when you are cornering.

Remington Wide Brute – New Generation

Just when you think it is safe to go off the road again, the New Generation Remington Wide Brute tires have triplex sidewall, tread blocks, and twin steel belts that offer exceptional steering and cornering abilities on or off the road. This Remington Wide brute tire has big interlocking center rib features, which will offer improved grip and contact whether on or off the road.